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Help us to help them.
Every donation saves lives!!!

For over 40 years, the S.O.S Pets Foundation has taken in, treated, rehabilitated and found adoptive homes for thousands of unfortunate stray cats and dogs. Without our help they wouldn't have survived.


During the past year very difficult cases have reached us in particularly large numbers: Hundreds of sick puppies, thousands of wounded, starving cats and dogs. Some of them have suffered severe abuse and they all require life-saving medical treatments. They arrive helpless, frightened, sick, and damaged both physically and mentally.

The torrent of calls asking for our help doesn't stop for a moment. We are here for them day and night, treating and taking care of them until an adoptive family is found.  At S.O.S Pets they receive the best treatment at the best clinics and veterinary hospitals in Israel. We spend every last penny to ensure they are treated no differently than if they were our own dogs and cats.

It's important for us to continue providing the best treatment this year as well but we won't be able to do it alone.  The costs of medical treatments, surgeries, hospitalizations, medications and medicinal food formulas are enormous, and we are collapsing under the financial burden, trying to help as many of these animals as possible.

This year and today, more than ever, we need you!!!  We will not be able to continue without your support and contributions.

Please help us to help them.

Each and every donation, however small,

will go towards saving the lives of these cats and dogs.

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