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התנדבות עם כלבים
יום אימוץ כלבים
אימוץ כלבים בתל אביב
אימוץ כלבים בכפר שמריהו
אימוץ כלבים ברמת השרון

Come to

SOS Pets operates mainly with the generous help of volunteers, without whom the organization would not be able to function.  Adult and teenager volunteers of all ages, even as young as first graders, accompanied by their parents, are vital manpower essential to our success.

If you love animals You too can help our organization in many different ways.

You can either volunteer on our adoption days which are being held each weekend, serve as a foster home for a dog or a cat for a short period or donate to our organization in different ways.

SOS pets Israel also lets first graders to volunteer (under the age of 12 they have to be under their parents' supervision) on our main adoption day on Saturday in Herzliya.

'Personal commitment' - the organization has each year over 100 teenagers and students doing their 'personal commitment' with us.

Foster families

Our organization was the first to use foster families as the optimal intermediate solution for pets, rather than shelters. Due to the special work of the organization, while waiting to be rehomed, our pets enjoy living in a home environment   where the mortality rate is close to zero. Our years of experience have proved themselves to be more than successful. In addition to the benefits to the pet (better physical and mental health) the absence of shelters also encourages the public to be more involved in the animals' treatments and causes them to feel more responsible for their fate. 

התנדבות בימי אימוץ

Rescuing Moms and Puppies

Every day we receive reports of dogs and puppies, or motherless puppies, found abandoned and in distress - on military bases, in rural towns, in open fields up North, in the Central region, in the South, and unfortunately everywhere. It's an epidemic, and the Ministry of Agriculture is negligent and will provide the necessary resources to deal with this problem. It falls upon the animal rescue organization and on-the-ground volunteers to rescue and rehabilitate them. We at SOS Pets decided to change this brutal reality, and every months we take in additional dogs and large numbers of puppies. In the past 6 months alone we have received 35 mothers and 156 puppies who have arrived at our doorstep from all over the country, and we keep going.


However, without the public's assistance, we will not be able to help this many dogs in need. Please open your hearts and help us save them.

get rexy

  Get Rexy Project: 

Sometimes the animal lives in a foster family that can not transport it if necessary (to the day of adoption or from it, to be examined by a veterinarian, etc.). In these and other cases, we occasionally need help with short trips of a dog or cat.


Volunteers who have a vehicle ready to help us in this area are invited to register for the Get Rexy project - helping with animal transport on the way.


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