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About Us

The S.O.S Pets association was established in 1978 by Riki Bassry, the late Dr. Ze'ev Sheiner and the late Mona Halfman, with the aim of helping homeless dogs and cats and improving the condition of animals in Israel. Riki Batsari, who still serves as the volunteer chairman of the association, is the living spirit behind the association's activities throughout the years.

S.O.S Pets opposes animal euthanasia and has adhered to these ethics since the day it was founded and fights for every dog ​​or cat’s life and quality of life. The S.O.S Pets association was the first in Israel to operate and still operates without shelters, based on the principle and belief that human beings should take care of their animals and not abandon them, and to take responsibility for their fate.

As part of a holistic approach, we believe that cats and dogs play a vital role in maintaining a sensitive and caring community.

Cats and dogs are part of our lives and it’s our obligation to prevent their suffering, offer them a decent quality of life and proper care. 


Our code of conduct

We consider animals as part of our community and believe that giving them adequate treatment as part of a holistic world perception is necessary. We consider animals, and especially cats and dogs, as an inseparable part of our lives and as such it is our duty to prevent them from suffering violence and to enable them the best quality of life that they can have.

We believe that educating for compassion towards animals and developing sensitivity as well as commitment towards them will eventually lead to taking responsibility for their fate. Furthermore, it will make us better human beings and more sensitive to the other and to the environment.

We also believe in the importance of neutering and of castrating as a solution that will minimize the population of stray dogs and cats and reduce their suffering.

The dog's unit

SOS pets Israel's dog unit is one of the oldest in Israel and operates relentlessly for many years to improve the lives of stray dogs.

The organization is in constant contact with local municipalities to rescue dogs scheduled for euthanasia from local shelters. In addition we treat injured dogs, funding lifesaving operations, hospital admissions and then rehabilitation through the help of volunteers and foster homes, this until the animals can be safely rehomed.

Our dog unit rescues each week tens of dogs which are in constant danger of being put to sleep, takes care of them and makes sure they will be adopted by a loving and caring family.

Our dogs get the best and the most advanced veterinarian care possible and also an uncompromised treatment.

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The cat's unit

Our organization has the most professional service for neutering, castrating and capturing stray cats.

in Israel, stray cats are a big problem with an estimate of over 2 million in Israel alone!  The solution lies in neutering them, thereby reducing the number of unwanted and uncared for animals. SOS Pets runs a capture and neuter project, which allow local municipalities and private owners to neuter cats in a humane way and at a reduced cost.

Our cat unit also helps injured and sick cats. Each month we save, treat and rehabilitate many cats that were injured in car accidents or became ill while living on the streets. In addition we operate organized feeding stations.

SOSpets Israel saves each week tens of cats from a bitter destiny in the streets. We also offer a subsidized treatments in an animal clinic for stray cats that are sick or hurt.

The aducation unit

SOS Pets Israeli runs an educational unit whose purpose is to raise awareness for proper animal care for the prevention of cruelty to animals. We have developed educational programs in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Environment, which are taught in schools all around Israel.

Our organization operates, alongside the Israeli ministry of education and the Israeli ministry of environment protection, certified educators (such as educational and social advisers) who operate in schools, kindergartens and youth movements. Part of the organization's resources are going to education in which we see key to a change. The educational activity includes enrichment lessons on the subject of fair treatment to animals which are being held in many schools. These lessons also include developing sensitivity and compassion towards animals.

We believe that educating to a feeling of compassion towards animals, developing sensitivity and commitment for them will eventually lead to being responsible to their destiny. Thus we, as humans, will make us be better people and more sensitive to each other and to the environment.


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