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Southern dog rescue

Rescuing Dogs from the South

The Operation to Rescue Dogs from Southern Shelters is Underway

During this period, S.O.S. Pets is operating in an emergency format and working vigorously to rescue dogs from combat zones and southern areas.


The operation to rescue dogs from southern shelters is underway, where dogs are kept in cages exposed to the echoes of explosions and interceptions, trembling with fear, not to mention the danger their lives are in as they remain in combat zones.


Dozens of volunteers from S.O.S. Pets went out into the field to help save dogs from shelters during harsh days of war for the southern settlements, who are under constant fire attack.


The organization's volunteers also helped transport food for animals and for dog and cat feeders in the combat zones and the south. Thank you Biopet, who generously donated cat and dog food.


Thanks to the overall recruitment, within 6 days (until 18/10/23), we managed to rescue more than 170 dogs, living in hellish conditions, from various shelters in Sderot, Ashkelon, Dimona, Ashdod, Be`er Sheva, etc. All of them have moved into foster homes and some have already found adoption homes. The dogs arrived scared and sad and it is amazing to see within a day or two in foster care after being loved and cared for, how they gained confidence and no longer show fear. All they want is to feel love and protection.

In order to continue helping and saving the lives of the helpless, we require your help.

Join us in the campaign to recruit the masses to save dogs in the south

Adopt and help dogs in the south

Each adoption helps us take in more dogs from the south.

Every adoption day, over 100 dogs arrive for adoption, and during this period most of them come from the battle zones in the south.

Adopt and save lives

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Conditions of dogs in the south

The condition of stray and homeless dogs in the south is awful. There are many dogs without owners, very few adoptions, and relatively speaking, the number of abandoned dogs is growing. The south is the ‘Wild West’ for dogs. The situation is extremely different for dogs living in the south compared to the situation  in the center of the country. The organization is lacking resources and help in the south and people hardly ever adopt from shelters there.


The dogs in the south, like abandoned dogs all over the country, end up in kennels and municipal shelters.

S.O.S. Pets association takes in hundreds of dogs from southern shelters all year round, finds foster families for them, and then eventually families who adopt.

לדרכים נוספות של עזרה

I want to Help. What can I do?

  • To adopt dogs come to our huge adoption day, every Saturday in Herzliya, 10:00 - 14:00.

In waze: אס או אס חיות הרצליה

SOS Pets Association continues to save the lives of dogs held in shelters down south and up north in a massive ongoing absorption operation. Approximately 200 dogs that were exposed to the echoes of explosions and sirens in the shelters down south, were taken in by the SOS Pets Association within the first fortnight of the war.

Yesterday (24/10/23) SOS Pets Association, with the help of volunteers who helped with transportation, absorption and fostering, saved the lives of 60 dogs from the shelter in Nof Hagalil, Ashkelon and Otef Gaza. Many of them were adopted. Nof Hagalil was emptied completely yesterday from all dogs held there, and brought to SOS Pets Association to start a more hopeful life.

In addition, there was an absorption of 9 kittens from the Shlomi settlement up north. They arrived sick with diarrhea and eye infections and were sent to Dr. Alon Scheiner’s clinic for treatment and hospitalization.


How can you adopt? Come to the largest adoption day on Saturdays between 10:00 and 14:00. SOS Ha-Ma’apilim Street, Kfar Shmaryahu.


Donate and help save lives:    OR

In addition to the many dogs saved up north and down south, SOS Pets Association managed to save 9 kittens from Shlomi. They arrived directly at Dr. Alon Scheiner’s clinic where they were hospitalized for further tests and treatment, since they arrived sick with diarrhea and eye infections.


Today they can leave for foster care and we are lacking foster families for cats. Please help by sharing this post.


Can you help with foster care? Send a whatsapp message to 052-4001630 and we will get back to you.


Donate and help save lives:   OR

Our cats are waiting to be adopted in the middle of the week. You can make an appointment 

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