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10 facts on Israel SOS pets NPO
 (Nonprofit Organization)

  • The organization was founded in 1978 with the goal to help stray dogs and cats to find a home and to improve animal's situation in Israel.
  • The organization objects to putting pets to sleep and adheres to this way since its foundation.
  • Dogs and cats that our organization is responsible for are in foster homes or in animal resorts. Those pets are being treated extremely well and have zero death percentage.
  • SOS pets Israel performs thousands of castrations, neuters and medical treatments each year to cats and dogs. In addition, we establish and maintain many feeding spots for stray cats.
  • SOS pets Israel is dedicated to promote the principle of animal love and sees it as an important goal equivalent to saving animals. 
  • SOS pets Israel organization holds an efficient telephone service center dedicated to inform about lost and found of pets.


Our Code of Conduct


We consider animals as part of our community and believe that giving them adequate treatment as part of a holistic world perception is necessary. We consider animals, and especially cats and dogs, as an inseparable part of our lives and as such it is our duty to prevent them from suffering violence and to enable them the best quality of life that they can have.

We believe that educating for compassion towards animals and developing sensitivity as well as commitment towards them will eventually lead to taking responsibility for their fate. Furthermore, it will make us better human beings and more sensitive to the other and to the environment.

We also believe in the importance of neutering and of castrating as a solution that will minimize the population of stray dogs and cats and reduce their suffering.


Finding homes for abandoned dogs and cats

Since our establishment we have managed to rehome over 40,000 dogs and cats. Each month, the organization works on finding new homes for about 200 cats and dogs, through our open adoption days, social media and website.

Information Center for Lost and Found

Have you lost or found a cat or a dog?

over the years we have managed to reunite hundreds of lost pets with their owners. Our information center receives many inquiries regarding dogs and cats which went missing or have been found. We are prepared to give you any assistance to bring your beloved pet back to your laps.

For further information please call us at +972-3-7441010 or email us at office@sospets.co.il.

Foster families

Our organization was the first to use foster families as the optimal intermediate solution for pets, rather than shelters. Due to the special work of the organization, while waiting to be rehomed, our pets enjoy living in a home environment   where the mortality rate is close to zero. Our years of experience have proved themselves to be more than successful. In addition to the benefits to the pet (better physical and mental health) the absence of shelters also encourages the public to be more involved in the animals' treatments and causes them to feel more responsible for their fate. 

The Dog's Unit

SOS pets Israel's dog unit is one of the oldest in Israel and operates relentlessly for many years to improve the lives of stray dogs.

The organization is in constant contact with local municipalities to rescue dogs scheduled for euthanasia from local shelters. In addition we treat injured dogs, funding lifesaving operations, hospital admissions and then rehabilitation through the help of volunteers and foster homes, this until the animals can be safely rehomed.

Our dog unit rescues each week tens of dogs which are in constant danger of being put to sleep, takes care of them and makes sure they will be adopted by a loving and caring family.

Our dogs get the best and the most advanced veterinarian care possible and also an uncompromised treatment.

The cat's unit

Our organization has the most professional service for neutering, castrating and capturing stray cats.

in Israel, stray cats are a big problem with an estimate of over 2 million in Israel alone!  The solution lies in neutering them, thereby reducing the number of unwanted and uncared for animals. SOS Pets runs a capture and neuter project, which allow local municipalities and private owners to neuter cats in a humane way and at a reduced cost.

Our cat unit also helps injured and sick cats. Each month we save, treat and rehabilitate many cats that were injured in car accidents or became ill while living on the streets. In addition we operate organized feeding stations.

SOSpets Israel saves each week tens of cats from a bitter destiny in the streets. We also offer a subsidized treatments in an animal clinic for stray cats that are sick or hurt.

The educational unit

SOS Pets Israeli runs an educational unit whose purpose is to raise awareness for proper animal care for the prevention of cruelty to animals. We have developed educational programs in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Environment, which are taught in schools all around Israel.

Our organization operates, alongside the Israeli ministry of education and the Israeli ministry of environment protection, certified educators (such as educational and social advisers) who operate in schools, kindergartens and youth movements. Part of the organization's resources are going to education in which we see key to a change. The educational activity includes enrichment lessons on the subject of fair treatment to animals which are being held in many schools. These lessons also include developing sensitivity and compassion towards animals.

We believe that educating to a feeling of compassion towards animals, developing sensitivity and commitment for them will eventually lead to being responsible to their destiny. Thus we, as humans, will make us be better people and more sensitive to each other and to the environment.


The volunteer unit

SOS Pets operates mainly with the generous help of volunteers, without whom the organization would not be able to function. Adult and teenager volunteers of all ages, even as young as first graders, accompanied by their parents, are vital manpower essential to our success.

If you love animals You too can help our organization in many different ways. You can either volunteer in our adoption days which are being held each weekend, serve as a foster home for a dog or for a cat for a short period of time or donate to our organization in different ways.

SOS pets Israel also lets first graders to volunteer (under the age of 12 they have to be under their parents' supervision) in our main adoption day on Saturday in Herzilia.

'Personal commitment' - the organization has each year over 100 teenagers and students doing their 'personal commitment' with us.

Donate to SOS pets Israel

Our organization is a Non-Profit organization which operates more than 35 years for the sole purpose of the welfare of stray dogs and cats. Our entire resources are exhausted for the accomplishment of this goal and each donation our organization receives enables us to broaden our scope of activity and to take care of more animals.

It is important for you to know that our organization's activity and finance are being audited regularly by an external CPA. The organization has a certificate of proper management from the office which is responsible of organizations in Israel. We also have a certificate from the Israeli tax authorities which enables us to give, according to clause 46 of the Israeli tax code, a receipt to donators for the purpose of tax deduction. Such a receipt will be sent immediately upon acceptance of the donation.

The unfortunate situation of the homeless

 dogs and cats of Israel

  • Every year hundreds of thousands of stray dogs are taken to local pounds. They are kept in poor conditions, in small and cramped cages and with minimal manpower to take care of them.  Over 100,000 of these dogs are euthanised every year.
  • Israel is the home of millions of stray cats. Life expectancy on the street is around 2 years, in comparison to the domestic cat that lives on average 15 years.
  • Unfortunately, the government isn’t using enough of its resources to improve the conditions of the dog’s enclosures and the adjustment of these to the ever growing number of homeless dogs.
  • The government should invest more in the neutering of the homeless dogs and cats, an action that would decrease the number of homeless pets and the number of euthansia each year. This could also be accomplished by subsidizing neutering and proper public education.


The situation in Israel is terrible. The government’s financial support keeps decreasing each year, and the budget that is given isn’t put to proper use so most of the animal care and rehoming falls on private individuals and nonprofit organizations such as SOS Pets Israel.

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